Oaktree – Campaigners for Change

Oaktree’s Campaigners for Change

Looking for an opportunity to gain the skills and experience to create meaningful social change?

Oaktree’s Campaigners for Change will bring together over 100 diverse young people for a year-long transformative program, to build skills and drive change in communities across the country.

You’ll build skills in everything from media pitching to lobbying politicians- no prior experience necessary! We’ll also cover valuable skills in project management, teamwork, and communication that you can use wherever you go.

Campaigners for Change is a year-long program with weekly workshops from campaigning experts. You’ll walk away with practical skills, knowledge on global issues, and connections with like-minded people- that you can carry forward into your career.

Oaktree is Australia’s largest youth-run anti-poverty organisation. Our vision? A more just, cooperative and sustainable future for everyone. We’re building a social movement to fight inequality, and we want to support young leaders to realise their potential and drive this movement.

To learn more and apply, visit Oaktree’s website.