Heart Foundation – Floriade Morning Walk

The Heart Foundation is delighted to announce that we will be holding the lovely Floriade Early Morning Walks in 2017. The walks give the public a chance to walk around Floriade for free before the gates open! We can beat the rush and get our daily dosage of exercise… nothing better.

The walks are an amazing opportunity for Canberrans and tourists to enjoy Floriade at their own time. However we will need YOUR help. We are looking for some enthusiastic volunteers, to be a part of this great experience and help take us for a walk around Floriade.

You would be a perfect match for this program if you:

  • Enjoy Walking
  • Love Floriade
  • Don’t mind a little bit of public speaking
  • Are looking to meet some likeminded walkers
  • Are organised and can take a charge of small groups of people

Training will be provided for all guide walkers towards the end of August, dates will be released once volunteer recruitment is finalised.

2017 Floriade Morning Walk

Date: 16th September to 15th of October 2017
Times: 10am to 7pm (7 days a week)
Morning walks: Commence at 8am and run for 45 minutes
Concludes at the Vista Café at 8.45am

Contact / Apply:

If you are free for any of those dates and think you would be a perfect match we would love to hear from you! Please get in contact with us before 14/08/2017 by emailing us on clariana.rodrigues@heartfoundation.org.au or calling on (02) 6269 2655 on Tuesdays. We will aim to respond to all emails as soon as possible.

For more information, please visit the Heart Foundation’s website.