Conservation Volunteers Australia -Looking after young trees at Wandiyali

Duties and responsibilities
Wandiyali is a private nature reserve just outside Canberra. It has been planted out with seedlings in the past to control erosion, provide habitat for birds and animals, and improve air quality. Coming into summer they need watering!
Wandiyali is managed as a nature conservation reserve, and these trees are the cornerstone of that, so it is important to look after them while they are young.
It is important to look after the trees that have been planted so that they can grow up to provide habitat and food for native birds and animals, and improve water and air quality. We will be watering the seedlings to give them the best possible chance in life.
The next dates for this project are Wednesday the 25th of October, and Monday the 27th and Tuesday the 28th of November.
What you can expect:
-Looking after tree seedlings
-Being out in nature with nice people

-Recognition of your efforts

Skills/experiences requirement

All you need to bring with you is food and plenty of water for the day, and appropriate clothing for being out and about in the great outdoors: long pants, long sleeved shirt, a hat, sturdy shoes, and work gloves if you own a pair.  All equipment, safety gear and tools are provided by CVA.

Location and time commitment

We provide transport to and from the project location. The first pick up point is the gravel car park on Angas Street at the bottom of the Majura Oval at 7.40am. There is free parking there. The second is opposite the Canberra YHA on Akuna Street at 8am. We generally make it back to town at 4pm.

How to apply
If volunteers are required to complete an application form, please send the form to
Give us a call on 02 6247 7770 or email us at