Conservation Volunteers Australia – General Volunteer

Duties and responsibilities
It can be hard for native animals to move through the landscape because of farms, roads, and large cleared areas. Planting wildlife corridors helps animals to move across the landscape to get to breeding sites, water sources, and to move to different habitats as the seasons change.


We will be helping a farmer to plant native trees and shrubs in wildlife corridors on her property near Crookwell. There are many benefits to this such as creating habitat for animals; providing food sources for birds; cleaning the air; making the farm healthier and more sustainable; and mitigating erosion or water problems.


We will be staying in nearby accommodation. The project will leave Canberra in the morning on Monday the 16th and return in the afternoon on Friday the 20th. This project will incur a small cost to cover food, transport, and accommodation.


What you can expect:
  • Helping a local farmer to manage the land sustainably
  • Learning about a local farm
  • Planting native trees and shrubs
  • Helping native animals and birds
  • Being out in nature with nice people
  • Recognition of your efforts
Skills/experiences requirement
No experience or special skills necessary.


Location and time commitment
The project will leave Canberra in the morning on the 23rd of October and return in the afternoon on the 27th.


How to apply
Email us at