Abundant Water – Events Officer

The organisation:

Abundant Water is a Canberra-based not for profit organisation with a major project in Laos and an emerging project in Nepal.
Abundant Water supports rural communities to gain sustainable access to safe water. By sharing our clay-pot water filter technology with local potters, and educating and training vendors within the community to market and maintain these filters, we empower individuals and communities to produce their own clean water.

Role description:

The Events Officer is responsible for developing community engagement strategies and events that promote the work of and fundraise for Abundant Water. This includes the annual Trivia night as well as other events throughout the year including World Water Day.
The Events Officer works with the support of other members of the communications team including the Communications Director(s), Media and Communications Officers, Digital Content Officer, and multimedia specialists and graphic designers. They will also work with other Abundant Water staff and volunteers, including those working on projects overseas.
Role duties:

In this role you will:

• Promote the organisation’s strategic objectives through organising and promoting events, fundraisers and networking opportunities.
• Manage general volunteers during the preparation and execution stages of events management.
• Develop written content for use across a range of mediums, including newsletters and web stories.
• Assist with maintaining the organisation’s social media presence.
• Assist in the development of written content for the newsletter and website.
• Provide communications/media advice to other staff and volunteers.

Contact / Apply:

The method of applying can be a CV and a one-page cover letter expressing your interest (i.e. why do they want to join AW). Please send them to communications@abundantwater.org