Aboriginal Legal Service – Volunteer

The Aboriginal Legal Service (ALS) are looking for more volunteers to assist in their valuable work providing legal aid to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

This is an ideal placement for a law student with a keen interest in social justice.

Position Description

Initially a volunteer will be involved in research to assist the solicitors in the preparation of their cases for the various Courts in which they are representing ALS clients. Volunteers may also be asked to conduct legal research to assist ALS in law reform activities.

Volunteers will also be required to read and analyse Police Briefs of Evidence, assist with the preparation of briefs for Counsel. Under supervision, volunteers might be asked to interview certain witnesses and prepare statements. Volunteers may also be asked to instruct Counsel in certain matters.

Volunteers may be required to run errands for the office. Such activities may include delivery and collection of documents, lodging documents at Court Registries, service of subpoenas, etc.

Volunteers should be aware that Court related work will not be a regular occurrence and will only be undertaken at the request of and under the direct supervision of an ALS solicitor/volunteer coordinator.

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Time Commitment

Hours are flexible, but the ALS will not consider applications for less than a minimum of seven hours of work per day.

How to Apply

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There is no deadline in place for applications for all offices, however if you are wishing to start soon please return it as soon as convenient. Please note that the intake is done on a ad hoc basis and when required by the ALS. Your application will be kept on file for the next round of intake. All applications are considered and if successful will be have an opportunity to be interviewed. Obtaining a volunteer position with the ALS is highly competitive.

All completed applications are to be returned to Sheri Misaghi:

Email: sheri.misaghi@alsnswact.org.au