Menslink started in 2002, having operated for a number of years prior to that as a young men’s support network under the auspices of the Woden Community Centre. Founded by Richard Shanahan, a fellow of the Churchill Memorial Trust, Menslink was established to meet the increasing needs of young men and their families in our community. Menslink supports young men across the Canberra region in three ways:

  1. Encouraging them to speak up and get help, or to encourage their mates to get help, through educational sessions in schools and other community groups;
  2. Providing intensive but short-term counselling to help them get through stressful life events with the least amount of harm to themselves or those around them; and
  3. Longer term mentoring support from positive male role models, especially for young guys who are socially isolated or for the 17% of all young men who no longer live with their father.

Volunteers make this important work possible, and you can be a part of that! Check up regularly for new opportunities to get involved with this great organisation!

Opportunities with Menslink:

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